How to live your Endless Summer- Creating balance and ALOHA in your everyday life.

Posted on November 03, 2015 by Leilani Bishop

The "Hawaii" that is spoken of in the media only highlights the bare minimum of what the islands stand for and have to offer. Having grown up being immersed in the culture and the ALOHA of the islands, I know it to be one of the most spiritual and enriching places I have been in my travels around the world.

If you have ever spent time in Hawaii and bared witness to the elements at work, whether it be the ocean, rain, wind storms, volcano’s, rainbows, dolphins, I could go on…you really understand the idea of how little and insignificant we are as a species. 

To live on an island in the middle of the Ocean you learn very quickly the importance of respecting the aina` (land) and living in harmony with the earth and it’s MANA. Hawaiians believe that all living things contain MANA (spiritual power).

The word ALOHA itself while it is used for a greeting and to express Love, the fundamental meaning of the word is broken down as ALO- the presence of spirit and HA- the breath of life.

So you are really addressing the spirit and life of the one you are speaking to…I recognize you as life spirit… pure ALOHA

I try to incorporate rituals into my life to keep me connected to my spirit and to Nature, which helps feed balance and well being...helping me live my life with the spirit of ALOHA.


 5 Tips for living a life full of ALOHA


 Drink it.

Submerge your self in it.

Sit by any body of water and let it lull you.

Water can inspire us to be more compassionate and connected .

    Even washing my hands helps relax and connect me into myself. The water softens the sensory intake when it touches your body, and connects you to nature, simultaneously. 


    Breath and breathing has the ability to heal, cleanse, relax and stimulate the body.

    Breath also connects you directly to spirit and the world around you. Breath can penetrate and awaken the deepest areas of the body and the mind.

    There are many breathing exercise you can do, such as Kapalabhati breathing.


    Oil is my go to for the winter and travel and especially for hair treatments keeps my skin subtle and fresh, there are several oils that are indigenous to Hawaii that I use. 

    In Hawaii we use Oil for, sunburn windburn, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and babies skin..not to mention the wonders it does on your hair, Oil has been apart of traditional Hawaiian healing for generations.


    Florals in Nature have 100% always made me happier and in a better mood..I specifically love my Hawaii flowers, but every place I go I find a flower that makes me smile as well as walk little lighter..not sure why this is, but it is a fact

    Other nature scents get me going as well, such as the beach and the woods, or the trails of Hawaii..

    Even in the winter a brief walk outdoors, smelling and being in nature help me find balance.

      Get Physical

       Growing up on an island you are active in your everyday, swimming, hiking, working in the yard or in my case on 80 acres, and you are usually outside. 


      Whatever your activity whether it be yoga, hiking, strength training..Tracy Anderson :) you are reprogramming and cleansing the system.. Very important to stay physical in the winter.

       Also the more of that you can do outside. Long walks are the best way to get your blood moving and the mind flowing!


        Let me know in the comments below how you live your Endless Summer!




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