Posted on May 06, 2013 by Leilani Bishop

Leilani Bishop

Vicki Liniger…aka Prairie Rose Bishop
            (My Mother)

Hitch hiking across the United States with her dog, becoming a vegetarian in a meat-eating mid-west family, having her children at home. Raising my siblings and I as conscious humans of the world.

These are all the wonderful things that came from having a mother that grew up in a time where traditions were being broken, and people were learning to separate from societal thinking into a more conscious way of thought.

They say that we are 20 years older than our parents, because of the change and life experience they lived before us; we are given that the advantage of their knowledge and start ahead of where they started and the same is true of our kids.  

I thank my Mom so much for her life experiences and her lessons.

Growing up I was of course a moody young thing, especially in my mother’s presence and know it was a hard time for her in our relationship. I am so thankful I grew up!!!

We have had a close and loving relationship for sometime now, but it especially grew after I had my son….YIKES!

I was mortified that I had put her through that... if my son EVER treats me like I treated my mom, it will definitely be hard to be patient as she was with me.

Our parents can be our greatest teachers as they are most probably the closest reflection we have of ourselves. At times we have to be a peace with our selves so we can be at peace with them.

I would like to say:

Thank you mom, for teaching me to take responsibility of my life and to always take the higher road, to respect myself and others as well as reminding me to stay open to life and not to be afraid to share my experiences and stand up for what is rightI  LOVE YOU!

If you can, make sure you take the time this Mothers day to show your love and appreciation for your mother...believe you means the world to her!

* If you want to show them by giving them one of my fragrances I wouldn’t be mad at ya!   Wink…  nonetheless kind words can be enough.



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