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Posted on May 15, 2013 by Leilani Bishop

Leilani Bishop

Rest, rejuvenation, relaxation…
How I long for many hours to practice those actions. 

I was recently asked how I keep a balance between work, family and personal, and my first reaction was I DON’T... but when I really stopped to think about it, I realized I actually have a lot of good practices in place that keep me sane with all the running around I do.  
I sprinkle them through out my day to give me a sense of peace and calm wherever I might be.

I refuse to live in a place that is not close to nature so I live permanently out in the Hamptons in a town called Amagansett, a two and a half hour commute to NYC which makes all of it a little bit more of a juggle!


I diversify my work hours between, home, my office in the city 2 days a week, traveling for shoots and meeting with clients for both modeling and Leilani Bishop Fragrances. 

I am a big yoga practitioner so for 15 mins in the morning I do 5-10 Sun Salutations, if I can’t fit in a full practice. Taking the time to breathe and move with the whole body gets the mind going as well as relaxes the body from travel or whatever stiffness has accumulated overnight.

Then I
SIT for 5-10 minutes.  Some days it could be called meditation, others it feels more of a practice of being still, again this can be done anywhere, I also take breaks throughout the day, especially at home to sit. I have a blanket set up against the wall in my office so that I can plop down any time I need a moment.accumulated overnight.

Music! Thank goodness for the iPhone, I always have access to my music, which gets turned on anytime I am getting grumpy or just need a change in pace. It immediately refreshes me…also there is nothing like a good Dance Break to get the blood going!  Especially when I am on set, put on those good beats and it all becomes a dance.

The power of scent is amazing and I travel with my fragrances as well as essential oils to waken the senses and to brighten my day, especially when I feel like I need a boost!

Teatime... another great way to stop and take a minute, I like to bring a little packet of teas with me on the road. Just these little breaks throughout the day, give me a sense of balance as well as taking care of SELF, which include tons of water and green juices to keep the 
energy up.

Even with these rituals that help keep me in my body and out of my head, I still need to keep my mind on a positive track and this I do with a daily gratitude list as well as training myself to repeat positive affirmations throughout the day. 
Traveling with a journal for writing or drawing is also an activity that brings me peace.

I love how we find our ways of coping…it always comes back to the little moments… I would love to hear how you unwind?

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