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Posted on May 29, 2013 by Leilani Bishop

Leilani Bishop

Living in a seasonal town, the ‘START’ of the season is felt in many ways and for most in the Hamptons lies around Memorial Day weekend... but for me it is marked with the blooming of the Lilacs as well as a family trip to Brimfield, MA that has become somewhat of a ritual.

It is a fun journey for us from the East end of Long Island and one that includes 3 ferry rides as well as country roads. Massachusetts was blooming with so many Lilacs this year I had to curb my enthusiasm as my husband would only pull over so many times!


I was blown away at the abundance of the Lilacs that are so established that they must have a long history in the area.

Three times a year the sleepy town of Brimfield is turned upside town with those of us coming to hunt fortunes. Well not quite, but it does have that feel to it :-) 

Acres and acres of land fill up with a multitude of treasures and art as vendors lay out their wares. One of the largest flea markets in the States, Brimfield takes me back to being a child.

 My family’s a collector of antiquities and artifacts as well as a multitude of other items. As a child I was dragged around while we were on “vacation” only to stop at another store. As a child I moaned and groaned, but yet as an adult have fell prey to the wheeling and dealing of a good out door flea market. 

As an avid seeker I usually am open to that special something that catches my eye as well as having a couple items that I am hoping to find.

Over the years I have found tons of Fragrance inspiration there and am hoping to integrate some of the styles and bottle designs I have found. I especially love the items from the Victorian era as they made decorative any small object you can think of and turned it into something extraordinary.

Victorian Toothpick found at Brimfield

The history of the Lilacs in New England and the antiques found at Brimfield both speak of other times, it is important to know and honor our past as it is what our future is built on.


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots"   ~Marcus Garvey

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