My Boldest Fragrance Move

Posted on June 05, 2013 by Leilani Bishop

If you have smelled any of my oils, you’ll notice that they all are subtle and not over whelming, especially not in the way a traditional fragrance can be. Made to ‘enhance the beauty a woman was born with’ being my tag line, my goal was to create an approachable fragrance line.

I have nothing against strong scents, (except when they take over the room) and in fact have always envied the woman who can carry such a scent, as surely she must be so

Empowered that her being prevails and the BOLD fragrance becomes just an accent to her greatness…right?

Through out my life I’ve tried to form relationships with BOLD fragrances only to end up washing it off midday…sometimes in a public bathroom as I just couldn’t take it anymore!

As a teenager one of my girlfriends wore Elizabeth Arden and I thought she smelled so grown up and sexy, yet on me I felt as if I were a fraud, almost as if I was walking in my mothers high heels as a toddler. The scent was so much bigger than I was.

Though I prefer oils and subtle scents I do have a collection of traditional spray perfumes that I love and have curated over the years. All that was lacking until a couple years ago was that BOLD scent that I could command through my empowered self.

Which is of course silly, but was something that was important to prove to myself… I can be the woman that can carry a BOLD scent.

 The magical moment happened when I was at a friends and my eye caught a GOLD bottle that I had not seen before. Being a sucker for all things gold I immediately grabbed and sprayed.

At first the scent was off putting, as it smelled like a men’s fragrance, yet magically it settled nicely on my skin and in fact created a nice strong statement. I had found my BOLD side!!

The scent is called Imperial by CREED and unbeknownst to me at the time is a unisex scent and was actually favored by Puffy/P-Diddy/Sean Combs…(insider tip from a friend).

SO not only could I carry a strong scent, but I could carry one that was favored by a strong male! YAY! I now have a scent that I that commands me to be BOLD.

Our senses can dictate many things, especially our self-esteem; fragrances and scent in general, is a wonderful way to shift our consciousness back to the positive and empowered self that we know exists inside. In life we must leave our comfort zone to access our full potential as human beings.

So go forth and don’t be afraid to be BOLD.

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