My Dad: The Original Eco-Hippy

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Leilani Bishop

 As children we tend to shy away from “becoming our parents,” intent on forging our own identity.
Yet the older we get we realize that we are no matter how hard we tried, our parents are part of who we are and to deny that part would be to ignore ourselves as a whole.
In my case I couldn’t be happier, as both of my parents are unique and wonderful in their own ways.
mini-me and Dad

An avid collector of cultural antiquities, seeker of truth, student of humanity and relentless advocate of philanthropy, my father has instilled in me an interest of the world and it’s inhabitants, from the tools used by prior cultures to their belief systems.


A wall at my Dad's, decorated with his tribal collections

My dad has taught me that the beauty of our world comes from its diversity, and how important it is to study the history and cultures that came before us.

22 years ago my father built an eco-lodge in northern Peru on 12,000 acres of preserve and is currently turning that land into an Carbon Fund in order to protect the land, species and people that have lived on the Peruvian amazon for generations…I could not be more proud of him!

Last visit I had with my dad was so endearing as he had been reading up on the original process of perfumery. It was August and he lives in a valley in Brown’s County, Indiana where you are surrounded by nature.

In the yard were the most beautiful white flowers, with the most intoxicating smell, unfortunately I still am not 100% sure of the name. 
Knowing I was coming and not sure how long the blossoms were going to last he soaked the cotton balls in oil and started to harvest the flowers to collect and preserve their fragrance using an old method of perfumery.


Moments like those bring me back to childhood and wonderment in ways that only my father can. Staying closely connected to history and cultures outside of our own help widen perspective and create an interest that is necessary to stay grounded in this fast moving world.

I LOVE YOU DAD! of my favorite quotes...

To be interesting, you have to be interested!

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