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My scent inspiration for Hawaii is the Pikake, a flower shaped like a little white bud. For such a small flower, the smell is intoxicating and is super delicate to the touch, especially if you are making Leis with them.

If you have ever been to Hawaii, you know that it is a sensuous experience on many levels. The air is warm and enveloping, the ocean breeze in your hair, the combined smell of flowers, fruit and earth fill your head.  When I go home it is as if I'm taken back into the womb of the earth, enveloped by the love of the 'aina (land, earth.)

My husband and I, moved back to the North Shore of Kauai full time for 4 years in 2004, as we wanted to raise our son there for the first years of his life. Upon doing so, I joined a Hula Halau (hula school) that was taught by a Kumu (teacher) I had known growing up. The Halau danced in the evenings on a little patch of land at a beach I spent my childhood on.

The feeling of dancing outside with the elements and telling the stories of the land in such a special place was an experience that changed my life and cemented my love of Hawaii forever.

When the word "ALOHA" is sung in a song, it is translated in dance by our Halau by, spreading out your hands wide and hugging into the body, as if you are embracing all of life, with love or "ALOHA".

ALOHA has many meanings and ways it can be used to express emotion, but one of the most common ways it is defined, is LOVE.

The Pikake was declared the "flower of love" by Hawaiian Princess Ka'iulani. As all scent evokes sensory memory, Pikake in particular brings me to a place of pure …ALOHA.

Pikake was the natural choice for me when choosing a flower that represented HAWAII, it brings me home in a split second. Flowers have been a huge part of my life growing up, making sure the oils smell like the original blossoms was imperative and is proudly reflected in the Pikake.

 Our Halau dancing :)

 Halau dancing in Hawaii

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