The Leilani Bishop line of single-note fragrance oils is inspired by the belief that all women should celebrate themselves in every way possible.  
Our fragrance oils are all about honoring and accentuating the femininity of each woman who wears them.  Nothing is as powerful or more beautiful than a woman’s femininity and her ability to express it.  Our fragrance oils mix with the chemistry of each wearers skin so that the fragrance really becomes your own.  
Whether you’re in a Lilac, Orange Blossom or Pikake kind of mood: each fragrance is really just for you, and of course, whoever you choose to let get that close to you to smell it (wink).


Fragrance pulse points 
 For best results, apply in the morning after having showered.
Begin by applying the oil to the backs of your knees, your wrists, the bends of your elbows.
Moving upward, apply oil to the décolletage, throat and lastly behind the ear lobes.

In alcohol-based perfumes, the fragrance bouquet bursts and then quickly evaporates from the skin only lasting 2-3 hours.  Our fragrance oils are alcohol-free, so it may take a minute or two for the slowly warming scent to emit its full bouquet.  However, it is well worth the wait since the fragrance will last longer on your skin.  

You may be wondering: Why should I be applying perfume on the back of my knees, and not just my upper pulse points?  
The myth of dabbing fragrance only on your upper pulse points is just that—a myth.  

Fragrance (activated by heat from your pulse points) rises as it evaporates, so if only applied from the neck up, the scent will quickly rise and disappear.  
For this reason, it is important to apply fragrance all over the body starting from the legs (behind the knees, wrist, bend in elbow etc) and working your way up to ensure your scent lasts.

As you wear your perfume throughout the day, it will continue to emit your signature scent because the blood vessels closest to the skin give off heat and act like mini scent diffusers.